Garden Fish

There is a minefield of information to consider here. The first thing you might like to think about is what garden fish you want to keep. The two main species of fish kept in domestic garden ponds are Goldfish and Koi, although there are a few others which some may favour such as Orfe, Rudd, Tench, minnows, guppies and some gamefish such as Catfish and Bass, although the latter are not recommended for the average garden pond!




  1. Once your pond has been built, the next step will be filling your pond with suitable pond plants for the types of fish you want to keep. In addition you will need a pond pump and filter to maintain the water and enable the fish to be aerated correctly. The right amount of water then needs to be added.
  2. Different species of garden fish will need their own specially created habitat, so if you don’t already have a pond in your back garden, the first step will be building a garden pond suitable for the type of fish you wish to keep. You must first consider how much outside space you have, as some breeds of fish require large and deep ponds.
  3. Your pond is now filled with water and plant life, the final step is to introduce your fish and ensure you keep them healthy and happy in their new environment.
  4. Once you have added your fish, it is very important to preserve the life of both your fish and the plant life within it. All four seasons command different levels of maintenence of your pond.


GOOD LUCK….. May you derive great pleasure from your new garden fish pond for many years. Building a pond and enjoying it, is a relaxing and fulfilling hobby. It will enhance your home and garden, not to mention attracting many species of wildlife from your local area.

Happy Fishing!